Steelvision: From design concepts through to site installations



Inspired by Challenges. We target the Architectural Metalwork Projects using our creativity and 3D design capabilities. We are able to work with Architects and Builders to make their design a reality.



Steelvision’s Uniquely Vision sector targets Architectural Metalwork, Structural Steel & Glazing Projects using creativity & 3D design capabilities. As a one stop solution we offer a service rarely found within our industry. Our 3D design and drafting capabilities allows us to bring Projects to life long before work has commenced on site.


Due to our diverse backgrounds, we as a business have been able to offer cost effective innovation to our clients and have recently patented two of our Steel Window Products. The most recent of which is a thermally broken Steel Window. We operate the Autocad ‘Inventor’ design software package along with Solidworks, which have the best available 3D modeling in the market. This gives us the capability to work with metalwork, steel and glass to ensure our clients project needs are always met. Our experienced design, project management and site teams give our clients a true start to finish service, ensuring expectations are met and often exceeded.
From initial design concepts through to site installations, Steelvision have the team to meet our client’s needs.



Our focus with Metal Structure sector  is mainly with intricate designs combining steel, glass & aluminum products. Our 3D design & drafting capabilties allows us to bring Projects to life long before work has commenced on site.

Small Projects are often just as demanding as our larger scale ventures, therefore all Projects receive the same attention to detail, quality assurance & finishing touches expected by us and our Clients

Using our vast industry experience along with effective design ideas and principles, we can deliver architectural steel significant projects leaving a visual impact that stands the test of time

Architectural Metalwork

  Whether 5t or 500t we have the solution to meet a Project’s needs. Through strong alliances with our manufacturing partners we offer a one stop solution. We have delivered exceptional Projects Australia wide


We are committed to serve beyond expectation & to perform exhaustive R&D to ensure we stay one step ahead of the competition. We identify our client’s needs and push the boundaries with our innovative designs. We are committed to always improving and being able to meet your needs. Our start to finish solution is not only available Australia wide but also Internationally. We have multi skilled teams and can mobilise anywhere to provide quality exceeding expectations

Steelvision has the team to deliver unique Architectural Metalwork and Glazing Projects