Fast installation, flexible design, lower costs, state guidelines specific – The Smart Cell



The SMART CELL – Our Prefabricated Prison Cells and Jail Cells come complete with a spreader bar for a lifting and additional rigidity during transport.

Weight limit allows 2 Smart Cells per load without road escort and assistance.

100% Australian Made


Flexibility and Innovation – these are the keys to our success


Precast concrete construction cast continuously to eliminate joints, noise transfer and pass through risk, can be normal or lightweight concrete

Thermally Broken Cell Window –offers superior performance when compared to all other products on the market.  Available with or without bars –separate grill allows flexibility and improved performance

LED Lighting –10 year warranty (minimum) on products and up to 70% saving on power requirements

Cell furniture available in pressed metal and steel frame, or can be a resin moulded

External Cladding flexibility with option for composite truss and roofing package as well as prefabricated cell –whole cell accommodation solutions can be provided


  • Full structural design and certification undertaken, adjoining cell walls modified slightly to maximize floor space
  • Vertical cast solution using a high slump self compacting concrete
  • Thermal and acoustic benefits of no wall joints along with added security
  • No requirements for anti pick silicon to walls


  • Initial ESD assessment undertaken highlights the thermal and acoustic benefits, particularly when using the thermal broken window
  • Single and double cells both suit road transport limits
  • Interchangeable mould designs to allow flexibility in cell configurations and handling

The smart cell is the culmination of 4 years design work and prototyping, we are not ready for full scale manufacture and delivery
Prison Furniture


  • Safety in design – First floor handrail pre installed
  • Time – Complete cell including floor and lid can eliminate months on site
  • Quality – Premium Australian made products used throughout
  • Cost  – Cost Effective Solution
  • Overall Performance – Thermally broken cell windows, recycled concrete, LED Lighting, thermal benefits and excellent acoustic perfomance

The Smart Cell - Prefabricated Prison Cells


Multi storey Prefabricated Prison Cells available as design can be stacked

The first floor slab lid is constructed as a separate unit, this can come with a lay flat handtrail system which offers excellent safety in design

All internal finishes including painting can be included if required

Vertical preparation allows for more accurate install of electrical, data and security conduits

Time saving install resulting in short and long term cost benefits for both builder and end user

All products are strictly in accordance with the Cell fire and Safety Guidelines, however not restrained by this flexibility in required


The time taken to build a prison particularly poses problems in remote areas.

Steelvision has developed the ability to manufacture a prefabricated prison cells which adheres to the Victorian Guidelines, for both single and double cells.

These, complete with fixed furniture are shipped to site “locked” for minimal damage during the building process.

For builders this cell offers the benefit of faster Installation, less damage with the delivery cost being comparable to traditional systems.


The Smart Cell is fully certified with interchangeable mould designs to suit a variety of prisons.

Ready for mass production, Steelvision can manufacture from 2 up to 2000 units of prefabricated cells ready to meet requirements both here in Australia and internationally.

The Smart Cell is flexible is design, offers great on site time savings and a factory quality finish.

From design concepts through to site installations, we have the team to meet your needs