Steelvision designs, manufactures and installs high security prison windows, jail windows and secure facilities windows. Steelvision started out as an innovative steel frame barless windows and doors solutions provider.


Barless Prison Windows

The Barless Prison Cell Window can be made  to suit any wall or panel thickness  and ready to cast in during building. Glazed in Jailguard to the selected thickness, it offers a proven barrier with  a light and a less intimidating atmosphere. HD galvanized or with an extended powercoat warranty.

The Barless prison windows look the same as all other cell windows, with all visible faces in steel with the 35mm slope over what-ever width is required to create a two faced flush finish. It can cater for any glass width and may or may-not incorporate bars.

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Thermally Broken Steel Prison Windows

Steel though strong, has very poor insulation properties. With more and more jails being built away from the coast, we are seeing the ESD performance declining because of greater weather extremes.

With this issue in mind, Steelvision has been working with an Australian company, which have taken the lead in terms of equipment investment for the development of thermally broken window systems. Under their guidance we have developed and have patented a thermally broken Steel Window System.

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Thermally Broken Windows

It can cater for any glass width and may or
may-not incorporate bars.

Barless Windows

It can be made to suit any wall or panel thickness
and ready to cast in during building.

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Steelvision Pty Ltd have had independent testing carried out on comparing a standard steel cell window, with bars and 10mil Clear Glass with the performance of our thermally broken window complete with 23mm Low E. Jailguard by Viridian.

A summary of the performance figures shows the great benefit that can be derived from using our system. On mass these results could generate significant savings on both heating and cooling capital costs, as well as running costs.

The system also offers greater natural comfort in relation to heat and cold transfer through the window system.

 Existing Thermally Broken
U. Value 6.190 w / m2-k 3.308 w / m2-k
S.H.G 0.656 0.334
Visible Light Transfer 0.656 0.476

The cost of the window does not materially alter when compared with the existing system therefore Steelvision believes that the cost benefit analysis favours this system significantly.


Manufactured to protect, Steelvision’s Ballistic Rated Windows are made using heavy steel and specialised glass / polycarbonate systems.

Steelvision’s growing range of Ballistic Windows offer solutions to most
requirements within secure facilities.

Steelvision have now completed several blast proof secure windows and doors projects within Australia for a diverse client base.

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