WINDOWS – Thermally Broken Cell Window

WINDOWS – Thermally Broken Cell Window

Steel though strong has very poor insulation properties and with more and more jails being built away from the coast we are the seeing the ESD performance declining because of the greater weather extremes.

With this issue in mind Steelvision has been working with an Australian Company that has taken the lead in terms of equipment Investment for the development of thermally broken window systems. Under their guidance we have developed and are patenting a thermally broken system using the glazing pocket where possible as the basis of the break.

The cell window looks the same as all other cell windows with all visible faces in steel with the 35mm slope over what-ever width is required to create a two faced flush finish. It can cater for any glass width and may or may-not incorporate bars.

There are 2 visual differences from the standard design :-

  1. The vent is not incorporated into the design as it will not allow the break. The vent can be installed 100/150mm below the window or in another location in the cell eg above the bed. By separating its thermal impact is also enhanced as minimal steel is exposed to the elements.
  2. The internal cell glazing capture bar is 80mm of the total 85mm internal height; note external face width is 50mm.These dimensions stay constant no matter the width of the wall.

Depending upon the wall width the external faces of a cell window act as a major heat/cold absorber and presently pass this on into the cell with all the resulting costs in terms of operating costs and enviroment. Breaking the pass thru is a key cost reduction.

  • Date March 2, 2016
  • Tags Correctional and Secure Facilities