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From initial design concepts through to site installations, Steelvision have the team to meet our client’s needs

Recognised as a market leader, Steelvision has been formed with a vision to provide better quality, cost and delivery. Formed by John Chaponnel (30 years in the industry) and David Gooley (20 years), they have been dedicated to recognising client requirements and focusing on meeting their needs in the Australian market for more than 8 years.

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Surprised by the lack of innovation in the steel market , David & John decided they could do things better

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We Research, Design, Develop, Install – Correctional Facilties, Architectural  Metalwork & Structural Steel

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From our office and production facility in Melbourne, Victoria, Steelvision has successfully completed projects Australia wide and now have projects in New Zealand as well. The Company is committed to deliver innovative solutions and services in Australia and New Zealand.

Our relationship with Steelvision was one of dealing with competent, professional and friendly staff and sub contractors who co-operated fully to make our University of Melbourne Oval Pavilion project a very successful experience. The entire team at Steelvision were always responsive to our needs and requests and always thinking innovatively to ensure the project finished on time and within budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending Steelvision to any organisation intending to carry out a architecturally designed glazing or structural steel building projects.- Frank Lobosco - Project Manager, Kane Constructions
I had the pleasure of managing Steelvision for the Secure Windows and Doors package in the Eastern Goldfields Prison Project from concept and prototype stage to completion. During that time, Steelvision displayed an exceptional degree of knowledge and expertise of all their products especially when a difficulty arose. Their commitment to us as a client to find a workable and cost effective solution should be commended. It is extremely beneficial to have a company that can design, fabricate and install all in one and as such it gave us an added benefit of efficiency which we did not expect. Through each process the team involved displayed great commitment to quality and any time constraints the project required. I highly recommend Steelvision and we look forward to working with them in future.- James Roche - Project Engineer, Pindan/John Holland JV
What makes Steelvision stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company's growth and success. We are very team-driven, and we operate in a way that puts mutual goals ahead of individual glory. In 5 years we have grown rapidly, and we continue to succeed because we are a dexterous organisation that can rise to any challenge that we may face. Everyone at Steelvision is smart, energetic, and fun to work with. We love what we do, and it shows with our end product and in the strong relationships we have built with our clients- Matthew Foster - General Manager
Playing the role of subcontractor means shorter project duration but increased exposure with differing head contractor protocols. Steelvision is my second family. This is the perception necessary to allow for a warm environment and more importantly a consistent embracing attitude. We are one company who work together to achieve over and above what is expected of us. My drive does not come from the successful / positive feedback from the builders but from the collective evidence which is received from a completed project. A completed project is one that is financially viable for both Steelvision and client. I believe the resources allocated to a project is crucial. A team with a collective morale that is one appropriate to drive the project. I dedicate time to ensure team morale is consistent and constantly of a level that allows for good workmanship. In my opinion this means a level of awareness that is without excuse. Recent times I have been faced with the challenges of building my own house, organising my marriage and working on one of the most crucial projects since Steelvision's inception. These challenges come with the life I have chosen to live. A supportive director who is more than just a boss but long-time friend has allowed for my progression in more ways than can be articulated. David Gooley has increasingly given me reigns over projects, and lends a hand when requested of him. I really do look forward to the future of Steelvision. I am proud of the growth, the leadership and the example we have become for all to see within this Steel industry. - Nadder Nader - Project Manager

Featured:Steelvision creates 53 new jobs in Victoria

As part of a $3.6 million total investment split across multiple businesses, Steelvision will create 53 new jobs as they set up a new precast concrete and manufacturing facility in Morwell.

Flexibility and Innovation – these are the keys to our success